SEC Bible Reading Plan

The Church Bible Reading Plan is being followed by a number of people in SEC.  Visitors to the website are, of course, very welcome to join in. Just click on the relevant link below.

Guidelines on how to use the Reading Plan

Week 161 (25.05.14) – Psalms 80-84
Week 160 (18.05.14) – John 11-12
Week 159 (11.05.14) – John 8-10
Week 158 (04.05.14) – Amos 8-9, Obadiah, Joel
Week 157 (27.04.14) – Amos 1-8
Week 156 (20.04.14) – John 6-8
Week 155 (13.04.14) – John 4-6
Week 154 (06.04.14) – John 1-3
Week 153 (30.03.14) – Ecclesiastes 6-12
Week 152 (23.03.14) – Ecclesiastes 1-5

Seven Good Reasons for taking part in the SEC Bible Reading Plan!

There are a number of positive reasons why it is good for people to be reading the same passages, at the same time:

(1)   It answers the individual’s question: ‘what shall I read?’ Choosing which passage to read can take even longer than reading it (just as the preacher sometimes takes ages to decide on his text!).

(2)   It results, in time, in comprehensive coverage of the whole Bible – ‘the whole counsel of God’.  How many times have you started Genesis?  How many times, by comparison, have you finished Leviticus?  When did you last read through Zephaniah?

(3)   It encourages a sense of ‘communal reading’ among fellow-believers and would, or should, result in mutually beneficial conversations and the sharing of insights.  The Word has been given by God to his people, and his people should enjoy it together.

(4)   Therefore, it is an opportunity for believers to help one another.  There should be every incentive for brothers and sisters to meet up and read together.  The strong could help the weak, as they should!

(5)   Our prayers, especially our corporate prayers, are enriched and unified as we spend time in the same section of the Bible during a particular week.

(6)   It aids the memorisation of Scripture – a good practice for those who feel able to undertake it.

(7)   It is a particular blessing to families with children, as they have retentive minds and they can ‘hide the word in their hearts’ for life.